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You know what would be interesting and exciting to be a part of? A human pet show. It’d be like a normal pet show but with human pets instead. With judging of appearance, inspections, judging of talents and obedience etc. It’d all be playful competition of course :p

I wouldn’t be surprised if it already exists though haha

Oh it does.





yesterdaysprint: The Graphic, England, Februar…


The Graphic, England, February 15, 1930

You too, could become an important Zoo personality

Genuine Black Label Presents: Doggy Girl

Genuine Black Label Presents: Doggy Girl

Melanie Morgan, dog slave, in “The Pet”

Melanie Morgan, dog slave, in “The Pet”

pupblair: New tail ;3


New tail ;3

Puppy Play PSA

I find it ironic that “puppy play” has become synonymous with episodic barking, gnawing, and crawling on all fours.

These are every dog’s worst qualities.  

Henceforth, puppy play shall be understood as loyalty, stalwart obedience and emotional candor.


From the public diaries of a real human pet…

December 2010

Well Master said that my body was going to be changing once I became a pet, being nude all the time does that. We all adapt to the surroundings we are in and being a pet is nothing different.

I have always had an issue with pants especially blue jeans and could never wear the tight ones growing up, since my legs would itch in them and even some other kinds of pants. So dresses were more my liking.

Well it happened a couple times last summer and then started again last month.  Since then, every time I am dressed in anything, I will start to itch and lately I have even started to get a skin rash.  Master said it looked like a heat rash, but other times it was worse.  When I was out of the clothes it would go away within a few hours usually.

We were in the city a few weeks ago and Master gave me some allergy meds because I was itching so much under the dress.  When we got back to the hotel and I was undressed I had a rash everywhere. A couple days ago Master did an allergy test on me and turns out I now have allergies to some fabric dyes, some soap products used to clean clothes, and even some fabrics.  Master thinks the fabric allergy is more about the dyes used and less about the actual material.  So Master is going to do some more tests to find out exactly what things are bad or at least worse then others.

I knew my life as a pet was going to change me and that being nude was a part of my life, but I never could have imagined that I would have actually developed an allergy and would get sick from wearing clothes.

In many ways Master and Mistress are really excited over this. In other ways it does limit some of the places they enjoyed going to and taking me with them. I think that is why they want to figure out what I can and cannot wear.