Never have I ever


Never have I ever thought I would be into pet play as I am now. I always liked the idea of being on a leash and crawling around on all fours as a way of being degraded. However, the “being a pet” part of it never interested me that much. Actually, I feel very guilty about this… a long time ago, a friend made a reference to pet play and I distinctly remember saying it was “really out there” and “extreme” and basically kink-shamed them. My defense mechanism kicked in because the idea turned me on, yet I was too ashamed to admit it. 

Now I dream about being caged, lead around a leash, “forced” to eat and drink out of a doggy bowl, barking… I like taking naps on the floor. I go to bed naked with my collar on. Being called a “good puppy” makes me sigh and shiver. And I know there’s plenty more space for me to fall down the rabbit hole… I guess the real question to ask is: How far down will I go?