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Why a leash and collar

A leash and collar are common articles of clothing worn during dom / sub role-play. The woman wearing the collar is acknowledging her status as a submissive, slave, or pet. While the leash symbolizes the control and authority her man enjoys as her master. The simple act of wearing a collar strongly defines roles, enhances the feeling of submission, and provides your lover with a strong sense of dominance and supremacy.

Yes, I understand that it could seem demeaning and objectifying to wear a dog collar and leash. However, to your man it is sexy (like lingerie for a dom / sub relationship) and implies you are handing over control to your partner. You are willing and eager to accept your masters direction and be trained to serve him exactly as he pleases. So if you want to make his fantasies a reality… put on a collar, drop to your knees, and hand your man the leash!

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