I can’t really say why, but my sexual desires change a fair bit from day to day. Sometimes I just want to grab her and plow into her, while other times I’d rather tease and torment. Take today, for example. We’re under our favorite tree. Her neck and one wrist are chained to the overhanging branch, and she’s fingering herself with her free hand while I watch from my lawn chair, sipping an iced tea. The only witnesses to this humiliation besides me are the horses grazing nearby, and the odd car driving by the front road; too far to see anything in detail, but that’s not what’s going through her mind. “Daddy, please!” she protests. My whip lashes out, wrapping around her torso and snapping smartly against her ass. She closes her eyes and continues rubbing her cunt. “Eyes open!” I snap. I take a sip of tea and watch my pretty girl perform, watching her hips move, her breasts heave, her eyes lose focus; she was made for this. She was made to be owned, and I am the fulfillment of her destiny. “Daddy, may I please cum?” she asks. “Of course not!” I say. “Keep going.” Such a beautiful day…

The thing about slaves is that they’re trapped by their own sexuality. No matter how much she hates the humiliation, the subjugation, the torment, and the degradation, deep within her psyche, she knows that this is the fulfillment of her soul’s most desperate needs. And it’s my job to free her to experience them to their fullest. And it’s a job I enjoy. Very much! “Come on now, my little slut, you can do better than that!” I say, landing another strike on her ass. I sip my tea while she rubs.

“Daddy I can’t hold it!” she whines. “Oh you can’t hold it, can you?” I say, getting up. I grab her tits and pull her towards me. “Aah!” “You’ll do whatever the fuck I say.” I tell her. “Daddy I ca-haaa!” My hand is on top of hers, pushing her finger into her cunt. “You’re my property.” I say matter-of-factly. “You fully became my property the moment you moved in with me.” I take her free arm and lock it overhead, then grab her ass and pull her against my pants. “Do you understand, honey?” “Yes, daddy.” she breathes. I squeeze her ass and rub her against my pants, enjoying her labored breathing as I plunder her body.

I open my fly and rub my cock against her. “You want this inside you, don’t you?” I ask. “Oh yes, please, daddy!” she says. “Show me how much you want it.” She strains forward as far as the chains will allow, rubbing against my cock, grabbing it between her thighs, wetting it with her cunt. I move forward, sliding it into her. “hhhhhhhaaaaaa…” she moans. “Does that feel good, princess?” “Yes, daddy thank you daddy!” she says quickly. I slide in and out, letting her feel every inch as her breathing grows more labored. Her hips are positively gyrating with desire. I kiss her gently while my cock invades, holding her head back by the hair. She’s mine. She’ll always be mine. “Oh daddy please can I cum?” she begs. “No.” I hammer into her, thrusting, conquering. “Uuuunh!” I pull back and dump it all over her stomach and legs. “Daddy please I need to cum!” she whines. I unlock her wrist and take a seat. “Start rubbing.” I take a sip of tea while she stimulates her cunt, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.