“In one day I had altered my life; my life, therefore, was alterable. This simple axiom did not call out for exegesis; no, it entered my bloodstream directly, as powerful as heroin. I could feel it pump and surge, the way it brightened my veins to a kind of glass. I had wakened that morning to narrowness and predestination and now I was falling asleep in the storm of my own free will.”

— Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries

That’s what happened to me on Sept 14th 2017.

I had sold my piano in Hamburg, the only valuable thing I owned, to have some money for a new start. I got rid of 98% of my stuff, packed the rest in a rented van and drove 6 hours to Leipzig, where I picked up this Canadian guy from the train station, with whom I’ve had a date in Cologne eight weeks earlier, who just arrived from Vancouver, and came here to get to know me better and see how we match. The rest is history…

In one day I escaped a destructive life routine that I’ve had for the last decade and changed my whole life. For the ten years before I thought nothing will ever change, nothing can ever change, and so nothing changed. And then I changed everything, just like that.

Things can change, life can change, you can change. If you actually dare to do it…

(We were so incredibly craaaaazyyyy 🙃🙈)

Things only change when you make a change <3


Are you going to post on your new website link…

Are you going to post on your new website link or carry on here?

I’ll do the following:



Human porn is dead on Tumblr, so I’ll post some kitty porn instead!


knightofleo: The Pit Stop: Jersey Justice ft….


The Pit Stop: Jersey Justice ft. Kim Chi





Cat owners ‘more likely to be into bondage and…

Cat owners ‘more likely to be into bondage and BDSM than everyone else’: undefined


doggy-girl-chilli: chillikittymeow: Kitty cau…



Kitty caught the mouse 😡 :3

Once upon a time..

I was a kitty 😅😂








leaving tumblr


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