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picmanbdsm: There is a quietness about this pic. It is simply…


There is a quietness about this pic. It is simply so normal to them. This is simply how they are. Beautiful and good. 

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kenziresources: Under the cut there are 260 gifs of Ksenia Solo from her role as Holly in Pet….


Under the cut there are 260 gifs of Ksenia Solo from her role as Holly in Pet. This pack has a trigger warning for blood, violence, assault, needles and death. All of these gifs are small, high quality and made by me. Please do not add them to other gif hunts, repost, edit or claim as your own in any way, but please do like this post if you save and/or use them. Enjoy!

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My new profile


As promised, my creative vision for 2016 and beyond…


Chances are that if you are reading this, you already understand what
mainstream society cannot. You know that gender equality is a hoax, and
that for some women – women like yourself – submission is a healthy and natural choice.

have long enjoyed training girls to live as pets, and keeping them as
pets. Lowering their status, and reforming their ambitions. Making the
best use of their natural feminine virtues. Now I want to take the next
Beyond discipline and reward and other small ideas.  

Yes, I
have kept girls like you on leashes. Yes, I have gagged and caged them,
exposed their bodies in public, and fed them like animals. That is all
good – but I want something more.  

I am passionate about helping women unlock their full potential through total power exchange. To that end, I am seeking a long-term partner to create my art.  

I will strip away the inessentials from your life. Career and education
plans.  Personal property.  All your independent choices and freedoms,
minimized and lost.  Both literally and metaphorically, I will strip you bare. Fresh and free of distractions, to uncover your true identity.

You will learn to exist as an instrument of service, and an object of desire.  
You will learn to cooperate and follow the rules.  
You will submit and find happiness.  

Is this where you belong?  Contact me.

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bitchsuits:Doggy Play


Doggy Play

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farmd0gsrevenge: Petgirl Monday 😍


Petgirl Monday


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pupmishka:A pup breakfast for dinner. 🐶 🐾


A pup breakfast for dinner. 🐶

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randomfives: Somewhere someone has a rational explanation for…


Somewhere someone has a rational explanation for this.

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Goodbye to Pretty Mike’s Human Puppy Kennel


The Lagos State Police Command has arrested socialite Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu for dehumanizing young girls by turning them into human puppies with chains dangling from their necks.

According to a statement from the Director of Public Affairs in the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, ‘Pretty Mike’ was picked up on Wednesday and forced to pen an undertaking to change his ways.

The suspect, in pictures which had since gone viral on the internet, was seen putting leash on young girls and leading them to a wedding in Lagos.


Pretty Mike’s behaviour has sparked outrage from many quarters; with concerned individuals calling on government to act fast to halt what has been widely perceived as bizarre anti-social behavior from a “lunatic”.

He was released after signing an undertaking to desist from putting any lady or gentleman on a leash in a bid to dehumanize them.

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Bound, shipped, used and forgotten.Artwork by The Veterinarian.

Bound, shipped, used and forgotten.

Artwork by .

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