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I wrote and published this a few years ago.  At the time I meant every word, and shortly thereafter I proved it – for better and for worse.  

I have shared a few of these experiences with you already.  Others are best forgotten to the past.  

Long story short, I am a better man now.  My interests have broadened.  My approach is both gentler, and more severe.  

Yes, I still enjoy training girls into real slaves and pets.  

I will continue to share my new vision with you soon.  Until then…


Women are pets

At her best, a pet is loyal, obedient, and affectionate.  She finds happiness in offering herself completely, and in being taken.  This is the natural order.

Just like a brand new puppy, an untrained woman can ruin a household and disrupt the lives of everyone in it; including, and especially her own.

A petgirl’s true purpose is service, and to serve her purpose, she needs guidance.  Discipline at all times.  Praise for her submission, and punishment otherwise.  She must be reminded, daily, that she is owned and her life is under control.

The process of breaking a wild animal, and turning her into a petgirl, is called domestication.

Slavery is freedom

Before a petgirl can be trained, she must be broken.  Her bad habits abandoned, and her old life forgotten.  There is no room for distraction, uncertainty or compromise.

Until she accepts her new role, nothing else matters.  She does not work, travel, shop or pay bills.  She does not interact with old friends and family.  Her owner commands, and she obeys.  She is now truly a pet and there is no choice.  

This must continue until it is finished–days, weeks, or months.  Until she is ready.

Then, finally, the real petgirl training begins.  

Your future on a leash

I domesticate women and turn them into proper petgirls.  The best are collared, caged and kept.

This is a 24/7 TPE lifestyle.  No online roleplay.  .

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